Antonio Conte’s EPIC final rant as Tottenham boss in FULL

Spurs manager Antonio Conte doesn’t hold back after watching his side give up a 3-1 lead to draw 3-3 with Southampton in the Premier League.

00:00 If we are going to discuss the penalty it means we don’t want to see other situations, it wasn’t a penalty for me.
00:40 I think it’s the right moment to speak after this performance, for me this is unacceptable. We’re winning 3-1 and in control. It’s much better now to go into the problem.
01:20 We are not a team! We are 11 players that go onto the pitch. I see selfish players that don’t want to help each other. Before today I prefer to hide the situation. The most important thing to become a strong team and to become competitive is the desire and the fire in your eyes and heart.
02:45 If I compare this season to last season, we are now worse in this aspect. We lost to Sheffield United who played young players, we dropped in the FA Cup.
03:30 We have to play to make our fans proud of us and to show desire, the fire in your eyes to win. If we have this we don’t go out in the FA Cup.
04:20 Where are the players? With all my experience I can tell you if we want to improve and to fight we have to improve that aspect. I see only 11 players that play for themselves.
05:05 Your future a part of it? You are finding another alibi for the players, finding another excuse! You do only this. Excuses after excuses. We are professional and the club pay us a lot of money. This is unacceptable for me. First time in my career I’ve seen a situation like this, the situation has become worse.
06:42 Why is it like this? Because they’re used to it here. They don’t play for something important, they don’t want to play under pressure or under stress. It’s easy this way at Tottenham, 20 years they never won something. I’ve seen the managers Tottenham have had.
07:36 Until now I try to hide the situation but not anymore, I don’t want to see what I’ve seen today. Unacceptable for the fans who follow us and buy the tickets.
08:10 I said I want to see the fire not that I’d seen it last week, I want to see the right spirit and not only in the training session, on the pitch. I’m not seeing this. Seventh, eighth or ninth place? I’m not used to this, everyone has to take responsibility.

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